Kitchinspiration: Chocolate Egg Rolls

About six years ago my friend Marcos and I spent several months in Vancouver for work. There was this burger place in between our two apartments that we’d go to for dinner (or breakfast, or lunch…being on location is kind of a sad existence…) and they had this holiday dessert special that would be forever burned into my mind. The Chocolate Egg Roll (I know, that sounds alternately delicious and dirty). So for Delilah’s birthday this year, I set out to re-create it. Good news! It’s super easy.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Box of Your Favorite Brownie Mix:  Follow the instructions for mixing on the box, and then stick in the freezer until clay-like (about an hour).  If you’re feeling overly-ambitious, I guess you could do this part from scratch and complicate things.

Egg Roll Wrappers:  I used the 8×8 Dynasty Wrappers from the refrigerated section where they keep the Vegenaise and fake meat.

Corn Starch: My palms started to sweat when it came time to actually execute my plans, but luckily Grandma-in-law Masumi arrived just in the nic of time.  She’s a veteran egg-roll-fryer and she informed me that adding a tiny bit of corn starch & water mixture to the edges helps keep your egg rolls sealed tightly.  Make sure that you let your guests know that they are not ready yet – my Dad was caught happily munching on an uncooked egg roll.  I mean…it’s still chocolate – what’s not to like?

{Masumi also showed me how to properly roll an eggroll.  Since I am the worst blogger on earth, I can’t find my photos of this process, but luckily Jaden of Steamy Kitchen is more organized than I am, and has a wonderful tutorial on her site.}

High Heat Frying Oil (Corn Oil works):  Once your egg-rolls are formed, you’re ready to fry.  You add about two inches of oil to the pan — Masumi did this by eye, but I was able to replicate later — heat to about 350 degrees (again, Masumi knew this by instinct, I used a thermometer to be sure) and then drop the Egg Rolls in until golden brown (about 2 mins) turning once.

Set the egg rolls on paper towel to dry, and then dust with powdered sugar.  Voila!  You’re ready to serve (but be careful, they’re hot!  Freezing the brownie batter made it so that you’ve got a fudgy lava-cake center with a crispy chocolate and flaky eggroll exterior.  YUM.)

Great Grandpa Dick was hesitant to try (at 90, he’s not always psyched on new stuff) but after Masumi insisted he take a bite, he exclaimed “why haven’t you been making these all along!?” Enjoy!

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