Life Moves Pretty Fast…And Apparently So Does a Honda CR-V


Ever since a tantalizing ten seconds of a present-day Matthew Broderick as Ferris Bueller hit the web last week, speculation over “Super Bowl or Sequel” started spreading like wildfire.  And then yesterday morning when the full spot was revealed I was all: “Oh, I am ALL OVER Ferris Bueller today”. But I never expected a two minute super bowl commercial to take me on such an emotioncoaster. I was elated. I was nauseated. I mean…I’ve written for campaigns that have had less of an effect on me.

So here I am 24 hours later still staring at my blank posting screen in kind of confused horror? (Yes…that’s a question…I’m still not totally clear on how I feel here.)

I’m gonna need you guys to talk this one out with me.

On the one hand, I DO like to feel like I’m in on the joke, and it was fun to see that Ferris Bueller still lives in Matthew Broderick.  He’s one of the greatest characters of all time (YES HE IS, and I went to film school you guys, so I totally know about movies.) But on the other, much larger, more slapping-me-in-the-face hand…MAY JOHN HUGHES FOREVER HAUNT YOU IN YOUR DREAMS, HONDA ADVERTISING PEOPLE.

I’m actually really not that snobby about very many things. But when it comes to the residents of Shermer, Illinois?  I’m so snobby that I have to refer to them by the obscure fictional town from which they hail. I’m of the generation that counts Jake Ryan as Prince Charming, and John Bender as James Dean.  Because it’s true.

Anyway, Honda is touting over two dozen movie references in the Todd Phillips (Old School, The Hangover) directed spot, and encouraging fans to tweet finds with the hashtag #dayoff.  See for yourself:

I mean, it reeks of sell-outery, but I’ve never been one to judge a creative professional for trying to make a buck. Still, I dunno…it left me feeling kind of empty or something. Am I just too pretentious for words? Or is it possible that deep down in my pop culture loving heart Ferris Bueller maybe meant more to me than a CR-V and a couple of cheap laughs?

(Also I don’t know about you but I could have probably been singing a different tune if we got to see Jennifer Grey and Charlie Sheen making out on a bench somewhere.)

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