Stuff To Do With All Those Instagram Shots.

Man I effing love Instagram.  Are you using it yet?  If you’re not you should be because it is the single greatest waste of time I have ever discovered.  [Sara – I am looking at you, dude.]

Okay, first and foremost Instagramers, I have officially decided on my favorite web-interface (thus far) and it is called  Usability?  Awesome.  Plus…added bonus for our purposes today?  You can download your whole Instagram library in a zip file.  WIN!

Since I have become a bona fide Insta-freak, I decided that the only appropriate thing to do was make my Instagram stream my Apple TV Screen Saver.  [In this house, we do most of our viewing and music listening via Apple TV so the damn thing is almost always on.  The alphabet flashcards I had scanned and put on there for Dee were cute and all, but you can only be asked “is that an Elephant?” so many times before you will need something more grown up to stare at ad nauseum.

I started with the Backup which allowed me to download my stream to my desktop.  I then loaded the photos into iPhoto, created a web gallery (deleting of course images that might be problematic such as the infamous vegan vulva cake and any and all photos of sweets that Delilah might see and want immediately.)  Then?  Set the screen saver, sit back, and enjoy the beautiful technicolor life you never knew you had.

Also a good conversation piece for when friends come over because there’s always photos of our most recent outings and adventures.  (And by always, I mean for the past two days since I added my Instagrams to my computer.)

Fun, right?  Want more ideas?

Ad-addled Insta-web-interface INK361 will let you create a twitter or desktop background from your Instagram photos.  I downloaded mine, cropped it in Photoshop and made it my Facebook cover:

Laura over at Hollywood Housewife did this beautiful collage from her favorite Instagram shots.

Mashable recently reviewed Canvas Pop’s Instagram service and the results were kind of drool-worthy.

And Jane from See Jane Blog did an amazing rundown of where you can print everything Instagram from magnets to books to probably toilet paper (and if no one is doing that yet…they really should.)

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