Pinning from my iPhone in a 7-11…Week in Review

Um, true or false, The WineRack (that’s a bra that holds wine) just met it’s match?

TRUE. That right there is four single serving plastic stemless wine glasses stacked on top of one another and packaged that way for your drinking pleasure.

Newport Beach based Stacked Wines apparently just launched this month, and I spotted it in my local 7-11 of all places.  Verdict?  Convenient, clever, and not disgusting.  I’m not enough of a wine connoisseur to delve deeper than that.  For purchasing info, check out their website. (Warning: It appears to be intermittently crashing from the sheer awesome.)

Also I want this Holga iPhone Lens Filter Kit because it looks super rad.

Also this is my new favorite way to waste time this week.

Also are you as terrified by Lindsay Lohan’s face as me?

And finally, you should read this post I wrote about this film Bullya documentary about High School which the MPAA has deemed too violent for High Schoolers.

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