My Living Room Is Killing Me

Scott and I moved in to this place as boyfriend and girlfriend six years ago.  We hardly imagined we’d have our first kid here…not to mention three dogs…because EF THAT.  (Yes, the puppy is still shacking up here.)  Anyway, this place was built in 1965 and it oozes California Modern (circa 1965) from it’s every recessed fixture and wood paneled wall.  Don Draper easily could have kept our Valley pad as his LaLaLand pied-à-terre and been quite comfortable at the Formica bar that greets you just inside the door.

But I digress. Since we got the keys in good ‘ol 2005 our living room has seen a few different iterations.  Living room/game room.  (We retired the Foosball table in ’09.)   Living room/lounge.  (Because…again, the formica bar.)  Living room/office.  And now, it’s so overcrowded with our stuff, it’s getting a face lift yet again.  Plus, the puppy (the first puppy) ruined our rug, so we’re due for a new one of those anyway.

Lately I’m pretty obsessed with this one from Dwell Studio:

Anyway, I really love my Tempaper wall, and I spent all kinds of elbow grease getting it up there but I also really want to paint my main living room wall the color of this room from West Elm:

Do you think that’s going to give people a headache?

[To review, that means that one wall would be that color, and the wall perpendicular to it would be tempapered in Alto Midnight Sky.]

Kind of like this, but our couch is actually beige (or tan? I never really know the difference) and it will be a wall that is that color, not a plate or a piece of furniture…

{Isn’t that plate beautiful though?  It’s by Elephant Ceramics.}

I’m thinking bringing in pillow covers in both shades of blue will tie the two walls together.  Hopefully I’m not straight crazy.

{Did you read my Mad Men post on BlogHerPop?  Did you watch the premiere?}

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