Going to Miami.

Tuesday morning dance party, anyone?

Ahhh…the Florida Keys are calling me, and I am answering. Bright and early on Thursday morning, I’m winging my way to the Mom 2.0 Summit…and I am so excited, I feel like a freaking Pointer Sister. I’ll be live blogging the event on behalf of Mom 2.0 HERE, and I’ll be dressing incredibly awesomely thanks to my brand new store-to-door stylist and yours Tog + Porter who I will be gushing about ad nauseum because my clothes are amazing. Delilah even called me a princess.

[Uh, yep. The fashion geniuses behind Tog + Porter gave me cheat sheets for all my outfits. That kind of organization means I now have the ability to travel with four days worth of killer threads in a carry on bag. I could seriously get used to this. Oh, there is so much gushing to do…]

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