Going to Miami.

Tuesday morning dance party, anyone?

Ahhh…the Florida Keys are calling me, and I am answering. Bright and early on Thursday morning, I’m winging my way to the Mom 2.0 Summit…and I am so excited, I feel like a freaking Pointer Sister. I’ll be live blogging the event on behalf of Mom 2.0 HERE, and I’ll be dressing incredibly awesomely thanks to my brand new store-to-door stylist and yours Tog + Porter who I will be gushing about ad nauseum because my clothes are amazing. Delilah even called me a princess.

[Uh, yep. The fashion geniuses behind Tog + Porter gave me cheat sheets for all my outfits. That kind of organization means I now have the ability to travel with four days worth of killer threads in a carry on bag. I could seriously get used to this. Oh, there is so much gushing to do…]

7 Responses to Going to Miami.

  1. wa_tracy says:

    You will love the Florida Keys! Have fun!

  2. alexandrawrote says:

    Love the mix tape, as always! And have fun!

  3. Melaina25 says:

    Jealous! I’m speaking at Cybher and literally have no idea what to wear!

  4. This mix tape is awesome, we want to learn how to do that. Great tracks! Good luck in Miami, we know you’ll rock it.

  5. jennyonthespot says:

    Dude. I am right now waiting for my own box from Tog & Porter and I AM SO EXCITED. Also, how much HOTTER would South Beach have been had I been by your side? Not that I’m all that hot, but you know, chemistry and such. Nitro. Glycerin & whathaveyou ;) xoxo

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