I Can’t Stop Staring At These Prints

I’m pretty obsessively focused on completing my living room wall right now – it’s been near empty for the past two years, and now that life feels nice and full again, I feel like my living room wall needs to reflect that tiny triumph. (Oh MAN, that was so dramatic. Relax, self.)

Ahem. Claudia Varosio takes pop culturally awesome films – and then does her own kind of mod, totally awesome key art.  She’s working on an All About Eve (my favorite flick) for us, but in the meantime, here are the some of the ones I thought about buying and still might:

So cool, right? I can’t decide if a whole wall of them would be too much.

In other news, still reeling from the horrifying public engagement of Ace Young and Diana Degarmo on this week’s American Idol finale, I wrote about Awkward Celebrities Moments that Keep Us Cringing for MamaPop.  Do you know MamaPop?  It’s pretty much hilarious.

And finally I leave you with this clip from the greatest movie ever – All About Eve.

Happy Sunday.

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