A Little Obsessed: Furniture Shaped Like Animals

As you may know, I’m pretty stalkery/obsessy about all things designed by Christiane Lemiuex and her Dwell Studio team. So it’s no surprise that I fell hard and fast for their Gazelle side table from the moment their first furniture catalog (which, if you’re not signed up for, is like a beautiful love letter to mid century style that comes to your house every season) arrived on my doorstep.

Dudes, right?  Ugh, I love it so much.  And then it got me to thinking about what a nice idea it was to have furniture shaped like animals, and I wondered where the inspiration came from and if anybody else had designed any sweet furniture shaped like animals for the modern home.

Of course there are lamps, like the West Elm Koi lamp which partially inspired my own beloved “Goldie”, but I wanted more.

I still kind of lust for that lamp.  But not as much as this Koi console from Ivy and Vine {even though it reminds me ever-so-slightly of Joey and Chandler’s big white dog before they put lipstick on it} :

I could totally handle this elephant in the room — the living room, or maybe the bedroom, or a really chic office…

{from Horchow via Pinterest}

iBride, maker of the amazeboobs Les Dandys, has a very interesting take on animal silhouettes as shelves, tables, bookcases, and more —

Although I’m partial to the Ostrich-shaped Diva, myself.

I could cozy up with this Hippo Footstool from Jonathan Adler

And for the kiddos, Israeli Designer Elad Ozeri brings the Sahara inside with Zelig the Elephant and Zelda the Giraffe:

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