Must Love Dogs

Seven years ago, when Scott came home from the restaurant he managed and told me he was going to start a dog walking business, I was not super psyched. But as it turned out, this was no ordinary dog walking business. Scott and his partner Jesse had big plans, and they got to work FAST on putting those plans into action. Through job loss, economic downturn, and the birth of our first child, Scott’s business has grown steadily, and kept us all sane, knowing that no matter what the next day might bring, everything wasn’t all going to go away at once like it had for me.

And over the years, Scott and Jesse have continued to make new plans, and continued to put those plans to action. Sitting in my kitchen at this very moment is Capital K9’s first batch of good-enough-to-eat (in fact, upon it’s arrival from the farm, we did) organic dog food.

The little business that could, has — they’ve patented their own brand of training for their daily pack hikes that’s got dogs behaving better at home (which in turn built them a nice reputation amongst LA’s celebrity set — FANCY!) and last summer, they bought a competitors’ business and hired two new trainers to handle the daily load. But they’ve already hit maximum client capacity yet again. So, if Capital K9 is to continue to grow, it’s time. Money time. And as well all know, money isn’t super easy to come by these days.

So. SO. That’s where you come in, friends and lurkers…wait – don’t close the window! I swear I’m not asking you for money!

{Look! The logos even match!}

Chase Bank is stepping up rather nicely and together with Living Social, they’re doling out Twelve $250k grants to small businesses across the country. {I know, right?! Thrills me to see, Chase bank — good on ya.} In order to be considered for said life-altering $250k grant, Scott has to get 250 people to vote for him by June 30th. It has not been easy to get folks to do that. Our family would be so grateful if you would take a minute to support Scott with a vote.

Here’s all you have to do:

Go to — you’ll see this on your screen:

Log in with your Facebook Account — it should bring you to a screen like this:

Enter “Capital K9” into the search box.
You’ll see us pop up on screen (as of now, there are no other results for that search)

Click VOTE and you’re done!  That’s it!  We’re forever in your debt!

C’mon…how can you say no to this face?


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