Is It A Sin to Lust After a Chair?

I don’t even need a new chair.  I like our current living room chair as more than a friend as it is.  And yet, somehow this Rhys chair from Anthropologie called out to me from across the internet, and made me find it, and created lust in my heart.

Dammit.  I know I’m a married woman, but I can’t stop myself.

Would you look at that ass?

Dudes, I know.  And with my new lagoon blue color scheme, would that be awesome, or what?  Plus don’t even get me started on their Maginel Screen

But alas…I don’t need a new chair.  Or a new room divider.   And I swear this isn’t like when I didn’t want a third dog.

Totally unrelated, have you seen this picture of Magic Mike Channing Tatum as an actual stripper?  It’s worth a gander, for sure.

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