I Love The Future

I haven’t really done much of a BlogHer Conference recap this year, because there was just so much to take in from all directions, I don’t even really know where to start.  I mean, the freaking POTUS spoke, and also Martha Stewart, and there were just SO FREAKING MANY PEOPLE THERE. Over 5000 women. That’s INSANE, right?  You’d think the earth would tilt from the sheer intensity of something like that.

And also, the SWAG.  So much swag.  So much swag I came home with more toned arms than I left with, and I have a toddler who insists on being carried.  I shipped it (Lindsey shipped it. Love you Linds…) as slowly as it could possibly go so it wouldn’t cost me a thousand dollars to ship home and since it arrived on Saturday, I’ve only used one thing: The Energizer Flameless Wax Candle I didn’t even realize I’d picked up.  Seriously, if it weren’t for the “visit the energizer booth” tag on it, I’d have completely no clue, but based on that alone I’m going to make an educated guess that it was either a room drop or in the bags we received at check in. NO IDEA.  But it’s totally freaking awesome.

You might be thinking I’m overreacting to a free flameless candle.  But seriously you guys?  I’ve been looking for the perfect one ever since I poured red wax all over an unsuspecting house guest while trying to snuff the flame out the day I let Scott convince me to get rid of my beloved matching swag lamps and we hung the dumb lantern over the couch. THIS ENERGIZER ONE? THIS IS IT.

It’s real wax. Vanilla scented. And it smells good. But not overpowering. And it’s flicker isn’t on a pattern, and it’s top isn’t cut straight across, and IT HAS A TIMER YOU GUYS.  So you won’t forget to turn it off and have your $20 fake candle burn out on you in a single use. Awesome. {Okay sorry I’m done.}

Also, President Obama was on Reddit today and it was pretty awesome. Did you see me talking about end-of-summer fun over at Design Mom last week? Can you believe it’s almost September? Happy Wednesday. (It’s Wednesday, right?)

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