Being Depressed While Pregnant Sucks;
Getting Your Own Babble Voices Column Doesn’t

Long weekends are weird, right?  It feels like Monday, but it’s Tuesday, which is disorienting, but closer to Friday, so I think we’re all probably good with that.  Anyway.

When I was pregnant with Delilah I suffered from Antepartum Depression.  That was fun, and then when she was born I got hit with Postpartum Anxiety, sort of like a one-two punch of awesome that sucked my life away. For my first post on Babble Voices, I decided to finish and publish a post on the antepartum portion of that experience that I have been sitting on and working on for longer than anything else I’ve ever written. I tapped out the first words in 2010, but as I wrote I realized I still had so many feelings swimming around that I should probably take things slow. Really slow. Because some things are hard to say.

Anyway, I’m honored to have been asked to come write for Babble Voices, so today seemed the perfect time to share my story. My whole story. I hope you’ll read it.

Ready? Let’s go!

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