Farm Boy: Where Everything Is As I Wish

Sometimes, it’s the most random places that we come to love. In the parking lot of our local Trader Joe’s, is a little Mom and Pop produce shop that makes fresh sushi and serves fro-yo, and generally improves the quality of life in our neighborhood.  And also, the people who own it are obviously geniuses because Trader Joe’s produce department is always lacking and Farm Boy’s never fails to fill in the gaps.

But beyond that, I’ve come to really enjoy visiting. The staff is incredibly warm, and there are always delicious treats being baked in the back so the smell alone is enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus they sell Italian sodas for $.65 a pop, which is just…I dunno, RAD.

It’s also quickly become my favorite lunch destination as I try to find quick bites that fit in to my new healthy eating thing that I’m trying to do. Fresh sushi with brown rice made while you wait. Fresh flowers, fruit, veggies, and protein bowls for everyone from vegan to carnivore line their aisles and it’s a feast for the eyes…and obviously also the belly.

Have a great weekend. Here, let me help you get that started…

(it’s kind of an ode to OCD, isn’t it?)

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