I’ll Be There In A Minute

Somehow this past week passed me by. Not like…in a bad way, per se, but in the way where I just could barely keep up with my own self and then all of a sudden it’s next Wednesday and the Jewish holidays are half over, and I’ve clocked like 50 hours of freelance work, and I have no effing clue which end is up. But I do know that Scott scared Delilah so bad during a game of hide and seek she pooped her pants and that is a lot less funny once diapers are no longer a part of the equation.

I stumbled across this song this week and I can’t stop listening to it. Maybe because it feels like the current pace of my life. Or maybe because the video reminds me of thriller but not scary. (What? Thriller is totally scary when you’re little.) Probably both. Watch:

Have you been watching The X-Factor? Old Britney and Simon Cowell’s bad plastic surgery are totally freaking me out.

And finally, I brought my crap cutting over to Ten Degrees Hotter (that’s my new Babble blog, which you should totally check out please) where I compiled a list of the very best Organizing DIYs the world wide web has to offer. In my opinion. Based on the fraction of the web I’ve seen while searching. But still. Worthwhile stuff. Like this:

{That’s the genius of Brittany over at Superwoman. Genius. I mean, really.}

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