The More You Know…

Have you heard the rumblings about Prop 37? It’s a California ballot initiative that aims to require nearly all food sold in California containing genetically modified ingredients to be labeled accordingly. If passed, it would likely roll out to the entire nation. I’m digging in to the how and why (or why not?) on Babble with my friend Leah from Mamavation

[In looking at funding sources on both sides of the Prop 37 fight:] The SUPPORT column boasts a top donation of 1.1 million dollars and contains the names of mainly organic food manufacturers, private citizens, and the like, while the OPPOSE column is funded by familiar names such as Monsanto, Dupont, Pepsico and others all donating seven figures. To be clear, Proposition 37 does not seek to BAN the use of GMOs in California, merely to label them.

The only thing I’m left to wonder when I look at [the information] is: What the hell am I eating?

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