Your Presence Is Our Present

Dudes, this mysterious work/life balance is hard. Last week it tipped on the life end of the scale for once and it felt really damn good. {Or, rather it felt really damn good the first part of the week until the work side of the scale got all overloaded and reality came crashing down. Still. Worth it.}

{The only decent picture I managed to snap on the day of Dee’s Birthday Party.}

But this balance thing I keep hearing so much about, is it real? Because it feels like maybe the “work/life see-saw” would be more appropriate. (oh my goodness, Dee’s Papa Barry made her a full-sized see-saw for her birthday and it is AWESOME.)

{My Three Year Old lady loves getting her nails painted.
Especially by her aunt Maegan.}

Childhood asthma combined with a mutinous immune system and a preschooler’s wealth of germs has landed me firmly on my butt. My chest hurts. Or rather it did. It’s actually starting to feel better now thanks to the steroids. Glad that’s over.

Attempting to keep our heads above sanity’s waters Delilah spent her first full-day at preschool (like, until 3pm) and I made my first official school lunch. We were both pretty psyched with the results. Motherhood is rad sometimes. (That sandwich cutter is from HERE.)

We painted.

We painted some more.

And now we dive head first in to Wedding Mania. Two of my best friends in the world are getting married in the next 23 days. (Not to each other.) Two life-long thick-as-blood friendships, two bridesmaids dresses, two beautiful fall weddings, two opposite coasts. There’s so much love waiting to be celebrated over the next few weeks, I can help but feel a little giddy. {That’s the rehearsal bouquet I sweated over at Randi’s shower this weekend, those of you who run the wedding circuit know what I’m talking about.}

This shit is a rollercoaster, isn’t it?  Good thing rollercoasters are usually pretty fun.

{Randi — far left, and Lindsey — second from left, are each taking their turn in the big white dress, and I couldn’t be more overjoyed to stand up there with each of them.}

{Also, I swear I’m not that short. Everyone in that photo is wearing heels except me.}

{Plus my posture sucks.}

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