Living At The Speed Of Life

She turned three this week and I can hardly believe it.  This morning, as I buckled her in for the ride to school, she announced:

“Tomorrow me and Daddy are going to wash your car for you.”

Is it any wonder I let her bathe herself in sugar this week?
Sweet begets sweets, Sweets.

Monday was her third birthday, but only the first birthday of the day I felt comfortable in my role as a mother. No, not comfortable. Content. Monday was the one year anniversary of the day I first realized that lifes unexpected turns have been some of the best things that have ever happened to me.

{I should probably take this girl to the dentist.}

On Tuesday she told me she was a big girl and didn’t need to cry anymore when I dropped her off at school. But maybe I still do.

At three she loves playing dress up with her Memas…

…and drinking with her boys at the Zoo.

…boys who have Mamas I’m so grateful to know. Kindred Mamas. Except they have these insanely delicious-smelling babies. Sometimes they make me hold them, and it gives me the feelings in my uterus. {I shake them off. But not until I’m done holding the babies.}

I can’t believe my girl is three.

{birth-day photo by Sara}

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