Give Your Dog A Gift. If You And Your Dog Are Into That Sort Of Thing.

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So, lately we’ve been watching a whole lot more TV (or rather, tivo’d Disney Channel movies on repeat) around these parts than I think any parent would like to admit. I blame the flu. We’re working on it. Especially now that Delilah has taken to repeating pretty much everything she hears everywhere. Like this morning when she told our Chihuahua Stinkerbell to “Shut Up” — I asked her where she’d learned that word and she replied without hesitation “from the boy in the blue shirt”. “At school?” I pressed? “No,” she replied matter-of-factly: “On the TV.” Awesome. I’ll take my parent of the year award in gold bullion please.

Anyway , the moral is, she’s picking up some stuff from TV. So I knew exactly where she’d gotten the idea when she came to me recently and announced: “Sometime I want to take my doggies to Target and buy them presents for Christmas.”

We celebrate Hannukah kiddo, and that commercial you’re talking about was for Petco, but still a nice sentiment. Sophie, Otis Redding, and Stinkerbell (that’s our Grandma Basset, Baby Coonhound, and aforementioned Straggly Stray Freeloading Chihuahua mix respectively) are some of Delilah’s favorite playmates. They provide her endless hours of joy, and she wants to return the favor the best way she knows how: with toys.

And it wasn’t a fleeting thought either. The next time we visited Target she remembered her furry family members and insisted on selecting a noisy chew toy for each of them. (Of course I had pre-buyers remorse and slipped them back onto a shelf when she wasn’t looking, and now I have to go back and get those damn noisy toys because she still hasn’t forgotten and keeps asking when she can give her doggies their Hannukah presents and now we don’t have any. But that’s neither here nor there.)

So, inspired by my kind-hearted little girl, I give you this list of some of the coolest, coziest, and cookiest gifts for pets this holiday season. …continue reading…

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