How To Survive A [Toddler] Sick Day

So you and your kid have made it safely to the first day of preschool. Congratulations! You ain’t seen nothing yet.

I thought leaving the baby years behind meant that I could finally take a deep breath for a minute and celebrate this milestone. That is…until I realized that the air around me is filled with a preschool class’s hoard of germs waiting to attack my fragile elderly body at every turn and now I never want to breathe in again.

It started on Tuesday. Wait. I think it actually started in July or August when she was in pre-pre-school and the class petrie dish incubated their own special breed of summer cold that I caught and couldn’t get rid of. No really…I couldn’t get rid of it until last month when it had hung around so long it revived my childhood asthma and landed me on steroids. Because my immune system is the best.

Tuesday afternoon I was the awesome Mom who stood paralyzed in shock as her toddler projectile vomited up halved grapes in Trader Joe’s (good thing I’m still halving those bad boys because it appears the girl barely chews them at all). By yesterday afternoon I was the even awesome-er Mom who was hugging the porcelain teddy bear, praying to any deity that would listen that my husband would come home before my still-projectile-vomiting kid woke up from her nap on a bed of towels layered with her own puke. It’s not funny. We’re running out of sheets.  …continue reading…

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