Miscellany Monday

Tempaper’s new(ish) “Zee” pattern {via Urban Outfitters}
I’ve done a Tempaper wall myself and it really is pretty easy.

This picture of a mannequin I came across in my weird work a while back
and have had on my desktop ever since. I just love it. {via chasecc’s Flickr}

Loogs 3-String Guitar Building Kit for Kiddos — I think Dee’s probably a little young for it still, but as soon as she’s not, I’m getting my hands on one.

This collection of stack rings that came up in a random google search and led nowhere. WHERE DID THESE COME FROM FRIENDS AND LURKERS!?

Doug Aitken’s Book

This picture of these kids in genius costumes on Halloween:

Cocoon I, a unique “personal space” I saw on Simply Grove last week. Deep love.

And lastly, with some help from a few friends we put together an awesome DIY photo booth for miss Randi Sue and her new husband Adam (who had a stunning wedding, more soon.) Here’s my Mama and I taking it for a spin. {Tutorial to follow!}

Hope you had a great weekend!

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