I Think Next Year We’re Going Artificial


I mean, really.

I told Scott I thought this might be our last year with a real tree and he was very skeptical. So then I tried to get him to share my vision by describing our awesome white fake tree with technicolor ornaments and if he was really worried about missing the smell of evergreen in our house {uh, hello, scented candles?} well then we could just get a wreath and hang it on the wall behind the tree.

And my dear sweet husband looked at me like I had gone for real crazy this time and asked” Why would we put a wreath behind a tree?”  before giving me his best disgusted sigh and answering himself: “You’re so blatantly Jewish.”

(In other news, on Babble today I made a video thanking everyone for the awesome noise-toys and picked my twelve favorite Instagrams of the year.)

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