Christmas Crafts I Failed To Blog

IMG_0586There’s nothing that can make you feel like a procrastinating waste of life more than having a lifestyle blog. Being a “Lifestyle Blogger” basically means you blog about nothing, so there are no rules {let’s be honest, there are no rules to any kind of blogging really} except 1) everything is a potential post and 2) you better not miss the timeliness train or you will hear crickets and c’mon, we blogger-types wouldn’t be spending all this time publishing our lives online for attention if our ultimate goal was crickets.

IMG_0568 Personally, I try to avoid any and all timely content when it comes to this site because it is the quickest and most direct route to self-flagellation for me when I inevitably have other deadlines to meet and a ball has to drop and guess which editorial calendar is the most flexible? {Hint, it’s this one.} But I have a three year old now (one who is out of school for Holiday break no less) and she needs to be entertained at all times and so we did our fair share of holiday crafts ’round here, and if I’ve learned anything from my years chasing the traffic dragon it’s “you do it, you blog it, or it didn’t happen.”

tiled copyBut it’s a new year and I can’t have last year’s unblogged holiday crafts weighing on my fresh new year’s conscience. So — maybe you can just pin them for next year?  Most of them are pretty self explanatory — salt dough, cinnamon dough, homemade glitter glue (mix glue with glitter — viola!) and chalkboard ornaments. The paper-tube menorah kind of requires it’s own post, so I guess I’ll go ahead an ask Siri to remind me to break that back out sometime around Thanksgiving. I made about a million cinnamon dough stars for garlands, gifts, ornaments, what have you, before deciding that they were a little too dark when hung on the tree and inventing my own lighter-colored cinnamon dough recipe for our purposes of painting and stamping. Here it is: One cup flour, 2/3 cup salt, 1/3 cup cinnamon, 3/4 cup water…add extra ingredients until dough-y, add cinnamon to color to your liking. Don’t eat, it’s disgusting.

cinnadoughPhew. I feel a lot better now. Don’t you?

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