Higher Altitude

0ce7a294665d11e28fba22000a1fb1a7_7{the lovely Design Mom welcoming attendees}

I just started writing a soul searching blog post from the back of a conference room in Utah.  Because that’s what happens when you pause to refill your creative cup.  (Am I a cheese ball or what? I know, I’m sorry, but spending days talking to self-sustaining creative entrepreneurs kind of makes you feel like you can do anything. Except finish that soul searching blog post from the back of a conference room because I’m out of my cage and y’know…human interaction and stuff.)

f49ffc56667811e293dd22000a1fb194_7I came to Utah to talk about Work/Life Balance, but I’ve found myself pondering a certain work/work balance in my life that’s been off. More on that in a soul searching blog post to be published at a later time.


For now, I’ve got a new haircut, a reeling mind, and I left everything I needed at home because I am disorganized as f*ck. Seriously. My whole speaking outfit and clean underwear were amongst the casualties of my bums rush. Luckily I hadn’t finished unpacking from my last trip so I still had a couple of pairs of undies to keep me from feeling like a total cave person. (You guys are all welcome for that tidbit. I know you were concerned about the state of my undergarments.)

Also? This project 365 thing is kind of stressful, but I’m totally digging it. Snow is fun to photograph.

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