Houndton Tabby [Or, Getting Swept Up In A Cultural Phenomenon]


Yep, that’s Matthew Crawley as an Australian Shepherd. Spot on, right? He’s a TOTAL Australian Shepherd. I think it’s both the puppy dog eyes AND the soft jawline.

il_570xN.412683294_9q8rAnd Lady Mary makes a lovely Borzoi, don’t you think?

il_570xN.412681793_aqimAhhhh, this is inspired. The Dowager Countess Sphinx Cat.

{Kim Parkhurst’s “Houndton Tabby” collection via Toadbriar}

So far, my best decision of 2013 has been cramming to be ready for the Downton Abbey Season Three US premiere last night. I succeeded, have been officially swept up in the cultural phenom, and suddenly, my life has new found purpose. Oh, those crazy Crawleys. ….continue reading…


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