My Doctor Laughs In The Face Of…Me.

Jan14A few years ago my self care achieved such an all time low that I managed to get myself a case of ye olde scurvy. {Turns out I have a little Captain in me after all.} When my doctor broke the news, he laughed out loud. At the time I chalked it up to the fact that he had probably never delivered a scurvy diagnosis before, but then more recently during our latest check up he chuckled, made a note in my chart, shook his head, and said “getting rid of gluten and dairy would work magic.” Now I think he’s just kind of sadistic.

I don’t talk about my physical health much with you guys because I ignore my autoimmune issues in real life, so why would I acknowledge them on the internet? But they’re there. And they’re lame. And I’m getting really sick of feeling sick all the time. So against my inner-child’s better judgement, I’m slowly eliminating dairy and gluten from my diet. It’s hard. I feel the difference though on the days I succeed and the days I don’t, and dammit, I know that sadistic Harvard-stinking sonofawhore is right. Hold me. I love food and I’m scared.

{But luckily, I found a really pretty Almond Milk bottle to get me through mornings without cream. I’m such a sucker for well designed packaging. And actually the contents are pretty good too.}

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