F-U Right In Your A, Downton Abbey

There are going to be season three spoilers in this wild rant about what Julian Fellowes and his sadistic creative team have put us through, so don’t read any further if you haven’t watched last night’s Downton Abbey US season three finale {aka the UK’s most recent Christmas Special…bastards}.

Seriously…there are going to be spoilers.

Are they gone? Okay good.


It hasn’t even been two episodes since Lady Sybil met her untimely end and you’re killing off Matthew too?!!

Look…I know that both Jessica Brown Findlay and Dan Stevens (Sybil and Matthew respectively) opted not to renew their contracts beyond season three and didn’t want to return as guest stars. I know that. As twitter lit up with Matthews fate, there were those quick to jump to [show creator] Julian Fellowes defense, and while I appreciate their valor…



But you know what Downton defenders? I don’t care. Actors contracts don’t write the show and I am just mouth agape that we are having birth-of-child-death-of-parent de-ja-vu two episodes apart in what until now has been a well crafted and epic drama worthy of bearing the Masterpiece name. Seriously Fellowes?! Matthew drives smiling through the sunshine while Robert muses about the family’s good fortune of two healthy heirs; intercut Mary with the baby and then SPLAT!? C’MON. YOU’RE BETTER THAN THAT.

I know I’m not alone in my rage. Twitter feels me.






I mean really Downton…How could you?

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