No I Love You More


We’ve been crazy lucky with the families in Dee’s preschool class. We attend a Jewish preschool and St. Valentine’s Day {which, honestly no one still calls it that, Preschool Director} isn’t exactly on the curriculum. So instead, (since the parents in our class are awesomely active on our email list and always in touch — hooray technology!) the majority of her classmates all got together after school today for the sweetest Valentine’s Day potluck picnic.

VdayPotluckDelilah thought she was too cool for school over on the swings, but mere minutes after she insisted “you give my friends my Valentines and say it’s from me” she came shrieking towards me in disbelief: “all my friends are giving me candy!” and wanted to pass out the hello kitty glitter tattoos she had chosen as valentines.

GangThe highlight of the afternoon for me was catching them in this huddle (unfortunately I’m still slow on that shutter) — one of them had discovered the candy hearts and was doling them out casino-style. Oh, Toddlers.

Also, on BlogHer today, I made you a mix tape of love songs I love, because I love you.

{That was a tease. For the rest of my mix, click HERE.}

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