This May Be The Single Awesomest Thing I’ve Ever Seen Online (Brace Yourself)

ferris-fun-141absignedShannon over at Luv In The Mommyhood has created a pattern for you to make your little retro girl (or, even yourself…if only I hadn’t used all that white leather on the nursery chairher very own Sloane jacket {which, not that Sloane needs a last name for children of the 80’s, it’s Peterson, and she’s the lady friend of Ferris Bueller who accompanied him on his infamous day off.} I’m pretty sure Dee needs one.

ferris-fun-227aThat silhouette is unmistakeable.

Speaking of high school sweethearts, today is the fourteenth anniversary of the day I first kissed mine. {He incidentally became my husband, in case you don’t commit all of my past posts to memory.} Seriously, that’s almost half both our lives. Not quite though, I think it’s another two years for Scott and three for me before we hit that milestone. Still, I love him now more than ever, even on the crappy days. Plus if we ever broke up I’d have to stop sharing this picture once a year, and honestly it never gets old.


Prom ’99 Baby!

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