Holy Hail

Mar9I know there are those of you in more inclement parts of the country are probably looking at this going “so, that’s hail” but THIS IS LOS ANGELES and THAT IS HAIL!!! If I were more of an alarmist I’d be crying armageddon but instead I’ll just show you these pictures of my Southern California neighborhood covered in the biggest hail balls I’ve ever seen.

Mar9_2The dogs were comically freaked out. Delilah was at school but reported back that she was not impressed. “I didn’t even hear it.”  (She’s obviously lying.)

Mar9_5Hail is not f*cking around. That shit hurts when it hits you. I mean, you can kind of see why it was deemed divine punishment in biblical times. (Because ouch.)

Mar9_4And because it didn’t happen if I didn’t instagram it:

82b0ca00883611e2b04622000a1f9be0_7(plus, a Vine for good measure.)

58ad782c885c11e2a03a22000a1fbd56_7But the rainbow sure was a stunner.

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