PSA: Remember Those Black Wedges We All Loved? They’ve Been Knocked Off!


That up there is the Dolce Vita Julie, one of the fiercest wedges currently on the market. I should know. I own them. In black AND in tan. Admittedly one pair was gifted to me and one pair I bought on sale after Otis put teeth marks in the other, but even at 50% off these are not inexpensive shoes. {current prices range from $99 – $179 online}.

MossimoCynthiaNow in this corner, we have Mossimo’s Cynthia (for Target, as always). Sure, the Dolce Vita version is leather and this one is made of Thermoplastic Rubber, but I’m sure the cows appreciate that, and there was otherwise no discernible difference as far as my feet and eyeballs were concerned when I tried them on just for kicks in-store. (And by kicks, I mean because I’m debating replacing the ones Otis used as a chew toy.) Unlike Julie, Cynthia can be yours for a mere $34.99, or if you’re jonesing for a red pair, $17.48.

{Also, did you know that Mossimo is married to Aunt Becky from Full House? Isn’t that weird? I learned that from watching Cribs once.}

This has been a message from the emergency shoe alert system.

You. are. welcome.

Oh, and Happy Easter!


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