White Chocolate Swirl Salted Matzo with Coconut and Hopefully None of My Drool.

Passover is upon us yet again and Delilah and I wanted to make some springtime goodies for her teachers and the nice ladies in the preschool office. Dee and I have decadent palates, so here’s what we came up with…

Kosher, crazy delicious and kind of shockingly addictive for a passover treat. The chocolate under all that delicious coconut is really white chocolate swirled with milk chocolate. With just a little bit of sea salt on top. And it is so good. Let’s do this.

In a double boiler (or if you ruined yours like me, a pot with a heat-safe bowl on top) melt down two bars of kosher milk/white chocolate.  Depending on how visible you want your swirl, you may choose to melt a bar of each separately then swirl it.  Oooh, or double dip it like a black and white cookie.  Maybe I’ll try that next.

Anyway, as chocolate melts, put your coconut in a flat pan or pie dish, and break your matzo down to desired width (two chocolate bars covered about 4 slices of matzo).

Dip matzo in chocolate (or schmear it on, go ahead) and then dip in coconut.  Sprinkle with sea salt.  Place on parchment paper in fridge and allow to cool.  Be amazed.

I remember last year during this process, as Miss Dee finished up the one square of chocolate I finally surrendered, Delilah mistook the matzo for crackers, snatched some, took a big bite, and then wrinkled her little nose and declared “those are not good for me, those are not part of the treats.”

I managed to explain to her that without the “crackers” we had no “treats” and we carried on our merry way.  After having tasted the result, she agreed that matzo is much better with chocolate on it.

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