How The WSJ Took A Giant Dump On Women


{Image via The Wall Street Journal.} {I know, right?}

It’s weird, I recently wrote a piece about cursing and motherhood and yet, here I am sitting down to write THIS piece and all I can think of are expletives and whatever the opposite of a euphemism is.

Oh, Wall Street Journal, SHAME ON YOU.

This morning the Wall Street Journal published a piece that belittled and cut down what I do every day because I happen to do it while simultaneously being a Mom.

Oddly, no…this isn’t another one of those inflammatory Mommy Wars pieces that pits Moms who work out of the house against Moms who stay home. This is a piece that takes an entire profession full of hard working and entrepreneurial women — many of whom are either the bread winners in their family and/or significantly contributing to their household’s bottom line — squats over it, takes a massive dump, and then flushes it down the toilet as fast as possible to get rid of the stench. […continue reading…]

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