“What Kind Of Hippie Am I? I’m A Business Hippie.”

Floppy Disks Are SexySeveral years and a whole other life ago I was working on the Windows “I’m A PC” campaign when I stumbled across these photos of Bill Gates posing for Tiger Beat Magazine circa 1983 or so. They’ve basically stuck in my mind as “the greatest thing ever” ever since…

Bill-Gates-Rugged-Good-Teen-Beat-Looks-3{Floppy Disks Are Sexy.}

Like, seriously who directed this photo shoot, and what were their words of wisdom of young Gates? And also, check out those pleat-front pants. Rowr.

Anyway, speaking of lots of money, have you ever thought about advertising your blog or small business on The818.com? I’ve been pretty lame with my direct ad sales except for a few months of the year when I get inspired to do better at life, but as we all know, that comes and goes. So I thought it was about time I made it easy for the people who want to buy ads on this website to do so without having to deal with my flighty and borderline psychotic email persona. So here you go. Easy, click-to-purchase direct ad sales that look and work just like regular ads. How genius is that? (Very genius, I think. I didn’t invent it, I’m just jumping on a bandwagon, so it’s fine for me to say that.)

So c’mon — what are you waiting for? It’s cheap and easy! Advertise with me!

(Also how bad do I want this Tetris Desk Tidy Set from Paladone Products? Pretty bad.)


I mean…a mini analog game of Tetris has got to be a better thing to do with my brain during down time than hitting refresh on Twitter, right? It would be practically a health-related purchase!

*ten point bonus if you can name the movie the title quote is from.

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