It’s Purgeday Thursday, But This Post Has Nothing To Do With That.

FlowersSometimes I pinch myself because I have a really fun job. I don’t know what my job is exactly these days, so I try to sum it up as “Storytelling” because Blog Posting, Screenwriting, Book Writing (did I tell you I’m working on a book about the psychology of Hair? Oh, we’ll have to get in to that sometime because I’m really psyched about it) and raising my daughter all have one thing in common — I’m trying to craft a beautiful narrative.

Man, that was kind of cheesy. But I’m standing by it. As my thirty-second birthday approaches, I’m really working to embrace my cheesiness rather than be ashamed of those dorky tendencies. I’ve always held coolness in high regard, but the older I get the more I realize that being cool all the time isn’t fun. Also I’m so off topic right now it’s not even funny.

stingThis week has been one of those weeks where life is moving faster than I am. Not in the bad way necessarily, it’s just I’m desperately trying to keep up in a week that’s seen a Sinus Infection (mine), Pink Eye (Dee’s), learning Calligraphy via a workshop that I hosted featuring the brilliantly talented Alexandra of Type A Calligraphy (more on that tomorrow, although some of our attendees have been quicker about recapping the evening than I have!), and will be silently praising the inventor of the Z-pack while I attend the American Idol Finale tonight on a girls date with my childhood best friend. Like Willy Wonka’s crazy boat this weekend shows no signs that it is slowing. And my lease is up so I have to get a new (used) car by Saturday afternoon.

ScissorsBut you know what I get to do after that? I get to take my new (used) ride on a little cross-town road trip to Valencia for the grand opening of it’s newest neighborhood where I will do probably the funnest thing I’ve ever done and called work ever. I’m unplugging to spend the day at KB Home’s Charleston River Village All-American Street Fair doing a craft workshop with kiddos and parents alike while chowing down on hot dogs and frozen lemonade. I’m even hoping to coerce my own family in to coming along for the fun.

FeltCraftsYou may not know this because I’m the worst blogger ever, but I have a massive arsenal of low-mess crafts and art projects that keep Delilah busy when I have to get work done during a day she’s home with me. I collect kids art supplies like a hoarder suffering from crafters cleptomania and tend to troll the clearance aisles at Target, Aaron Bros. and Joanne’s for deals on toddler-friendly craft ideas. If you’re an LA local, you are totally welcome to join — I’ll be focusing on felt crafts and cowboy hats, sharing some of my favorite ideas for creative kiddos, both things you can do together, and things you can set them up with when you need a few more minutes of quiet to finish your work day, like I so often do.

FeetThe 40-50 minute Workshop will kick off on Saturday at 2pm, so if you’d like to join, plan to arrive a little before then so we can say hi!

(For more on KB’s Charleston River Village, check out the event details HERE.)

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