“That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big, It’s Full Of Secrets”

828d72b4b5ca11e2baba22000ae90d6f_7{photo by Jill Krause}

My hair has always been a weirdly important part of who I am. My eternal mood ring, it is unmatched in its ability to reflect my internal sense of self, with or without my permission.

Still, almost counter-intuitively, I’ve always regarded it as “just hair” — and my willingness to try new things with it reflects that philosophy. Bad color job? Go darker. Bad cut? Go shorter. Absolutely can’t stand it? Great excuse to invest in some new scarves.

So I wasn’t making a power play last fall when I took it from below my shoulders to above my ears. And I gave even less thought this spring to whether or not the purple would work out. There was no big deep breath and screwing of courage to end up with this look. There was just a spare twenty minutes and a split second decision in the aisle of the beauty supply. But my new coiffure has reminded me: there’s power in how we present ourselves.

You know that age old question about the chicken and the egg? It’s hard to say if the growing confidence is coming from the hair itself, or from the assumption from others that it took confidence to end up looking like this in the first place, but regardless it’s changing me from the outside in. Or the inside out. Because honestly…I’m really not sure which came first.

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