This Woman Is Awesome. I’d Be Lost Without Her.

Angela Santomero has saved my butt on more than one occasion. As the creative force behind Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood she’s given me much needed ammo for potty training, calming down toddlers, getting my daughter to wait patiently, and so much more.

So when I learned that Angela had two new shows releasing online onlyCreative Galaxy, and Sara Solves It — I knew it was the perfect excuse to get her on Skype and pick her brain.

Angela is amazing, and we got to chat about everything from her first (human) female protagonist, to the ways that the audience can have a say in her new series as they unfold.

Watch as I geek out and make Angela cry.

To check out Sara Solves It (completely free) click HERE.

For the Creative Galaxy pilot click HERE.

[This post originally appeared on BlogHer Entertainment]

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