Try Something New: Calligraphy & Martinis [+ The Most Delicious Martini Recipe Ever]

CalligraphyLast week I hosted my first local event on behalf of this website. It’s something I’ve been toying around with in my mind for a while — sort of in an attempt to help coax some of you local lurkers out of the lurky woodwork to talk to me, and sort of in an attempt to force myself to start getting out and trying some of the new things that I always think I want to do but never get around to. You know, the kind of stuff that might be on a life list if I was anywhere near organized enough to keep a life list.

So it was like kismet when Smirnoff (yes, the Vodka folks) reached out and asked if they could treat some friends and I to a day of trying something new to celebrate the release of their Sorbet Light Vodka. (Tastes great, less filling calories, you know the drill.) I didn’t even hesitate. I was like: “Heck yeah. I’ve been wanting to learn Calligraphy since I missed that Melissa Esplin class at Alt Summit. Let’s do it.”

SmirnoffSorbetArmed with a crate of Vodka and my favorite Martini Glasses I invited a very small group of real life friends, fellow bloggers, and long time readers to take a class at the amazing Art Works Studio in Larchmont with my life-long friend and soul sister Alex Asher Sears of Type A Calligraphy (if you’re an internet type, you may also know her as @alexandrawrote). Alex does beautiful work that I’ve been jealous of like this:

e99646c4811f1ad67d0407b29df7281fSo I was obviously thrilled when she agreed to share her secrets. (Why yes, that is my daughter’s personalized gift tag in the bottom left corner. Available HERE.)

AlexWritesYou guys? I highly recommend pairing this activity with a girls night (or a guy’s night, if any dudes are still reading this). We stepped away from our digital lives and did something totally analog for two solid hours. It was zen. It was cathartic.

FruitPlate{For more pictures from the event, you can visit Andrea, Laura, and Mindy.}

And in the process, I’ve found my new favorite Martini recipe ever:

SmirnoffMangoA big huge thanks to Smirnoff for sponsoring my sweet Calligraphy party.

Happy almost Memorial Day!

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