Car Talk With My Husband


Recently, Scott’s been having some trouble with his Jeep. (It’s worth noting here that when a car guy says they’re having car trouble, it can be hard to discern if it’s a bad transmission or if he just means he need some “me time”.) At any rate, it appears that this time the car trouble is legit because yesterday he came up stairs wiping grease from his hands, ready to vent about his woes:

Scott: The Jeep is really driving me crazy. I can’t tell if I fixed it. It’s doing this awful thing where when I hit about 55 miles an hour it starts shaking and sputtering.

Me: So…what you’re saying is, you can’t drive 55?

[Scott stifles a smirk]

Scott: Yes, yes that’s exactly what I’m saying. That, and when I hit 50 miles an hour I feel like my car is going to blow up.

Me: Mmmhmmm….and have you bumped into Dennis Hopper recently?

[Scott gives me a blank stare. Not amused.]

Scott: What? Is that how he died?

Me: (already laughing at myself) No dude, like Speed. “There’s a bomb on the bus.”

Scott: Great talk babe.

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