I Can Fly!


{Okay not really, and no, that isn’t a picture of my hair, but it’s a cool cut, isn’t it?} via

As you may have noticed, I’m obsessed with my pixie cut. I mean…who knew that a haircut could make me feel so found?


It’s actually not as easy as you might think to find a stylist willing to chop your locks to within an inch of your scalp.


 I was told no gently talked out of it at least a couple of times. And then I was given the half-chop at least twice.

6bb632f84f25e84ac7237eec58d84e7eOn two different occasions two different stylists agreed to pixie me only to leave me high and dry in their chair with a short bob or an a-line.

But I persevered. Oh yes, I persevered.


 I’ve put together a slideshow of 20 of the most iconic pixie cuts of the past 70 years.
If you’re looking for inspiration to take the plunge, this might just do the trick.

Click HERE for sixteen more fierce pixies.


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