“Take Your Pleasure Seriously”

Oh, get your mind out of the gutter. It’s a quote by the designer, painter, architect, and overall purveyor of pretty things; Charles Eames.

8cb2bea2d700e349_landingIt’s always cool to see what some of the world’s most creative minds have come up with when it comes to entertaining our littlest citizens.

Toy1951EamesPartnering with his wife Ray to form Eames Office, the couple created a number of kid-centric designs that would easily keep modern tots busy for hours. Like, “The Toy” — a multisided building and imagination station, first released in 1951.

eames_toy{Above, Ray Eames works on an early prototype of “The Toy” in the couple’s backyard.}┬áLater, followed “The Little Toy” which let young creators miniaturize their designs, just like the real thing.


In 1952, Eames Office released their House Of Cards, which are still available today.

eames-house-of-cardsWant to see more building creations from the greats for your budding architect? Click HERE for a collection of twelve unique building block set sure to inspire your little one.

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