Awesome DIY Customizable Party Favor Crown


A four year old’s birthday party is no joke. This is no longer an adult party where kids come and there’s cake. This is a full-blown kids party with pinatas and crafts and party favors, and everything I wasn’t prepared for last year, I was totally one hundred percent braced for this year as Dee’s birthday drew near. (Writing about it on my blog on the other hand, would take me a full month. Ah well, pin it for next year.)

The last thing that came together was the favors. Dee had insisted on a Spooky Super Heroes and Princesses Party, so we decided to decorate spooky crowns and masks with spiders and bones, but we had no idea what to send home with our gracious guests aside from bellyfuls of sugar (sorry, parents). And then, the weekend before Delilah’s birthday, we went to a dear friend’s birthday party where they handed out these favor crowns, aka the funnest party favor I had ever seen. We decided to tackle them for Dee’s party, only with a terrifying twist…

Instead of filling our crowns with fairy dust and rings, we stuffed them with eyeballs, spiders, and bat wings — this was after all, a very Spooooooky birthday.

CrownCollageMy nieces E & P were visiting for the big event, and since I’ve been known to procrastinate (see: crafting in the bridal suite on my wedding day) those ladies came in handy. We spread out our goodies, and unfurled our cellophane roll, which E sliced long-ways into 6 inch wide strips that ran the length of the roll. (Turns out a roll of cellophane is exactly the perfect length to crap around a kid’s head. Not in the creepy way.)

We then took our strips and tied them about a half inch from the end to start stuffing. After each goodie is placed inside, twist, tie, and place the next goodie.

FavorCrownThe818Then, we tied the ends together with ribbon and finished them off with an ornamental bat or tarantula.

photoThey were a hit.

DeeNot a do-it-yourselfer?

DeeCrownThat’s Dee sporting a pretty princess version of the crown she got as a favor, created by party specialists Karen and Vikki of Sunshine and Lollipops. (Email them for prices HERE.)

Other highlights from Dee’s Birthday this year? She wore a dress embellished for her by her insanely crafty Grandma, we did crafts which involved glueing creepy things onto regular things, and the pinata made her cry because it was pretty and we were hurting it. But on the upside —

eyeballballoonEyeball Balloons

photo 2 copy 2Cake and Mall Hair

photo 4 copyBalloon dancing with cousins.

(for more pictures from Dee’s birthday, click HERE.)

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