Blonde Ambition

Photo: Evan Agostini

{via} Ugh, MW is like my style idol. I used to call her “duck face” when she was on Dawson’s Creek, and well…the jokes on me now on account of her undeniable awesomeness, talent, and beauty.


I mean really.


Growing out a super cropped pixie cut is a challenge.
I’m working on doing it with grace and style, but it’s not that easy.

I spend a lot of time looking unkempt. 


An asymetrical bob/pixie hybrid is kind of my endgame right now. 


I’d been maintaining it myself to avoid the inevitable over-cutting that occurs when I tell any hairdresser anywhere that I want to trim and leave certain parts alone to grow. I was doing okay with my blind home snips for a while, but as it grew it was shaggy as hell and pretty uneven up close.


I decided it was time for some professional help. Luckly, my Bumble and Bumble stylist Vanessa gets a kick out of my antics and is always happy to clean up my messes. Thus, new year, new shade, AND new cut…still the same me, but I look different and I feel good, so that’s worth something, isn’t it? Also? Growing out a pixie cut is hard, you guys.


(P.S., I’ve been sitting at the airport since 7am. It’s 11:41 now. No sign of my plane yet. Man I love traveling.)

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