Tattoo Test Drive: Temp Tats for Grown-Ups

[me sporting Feather, by Jen Mussara]

It’s weird, as a kid I thought I was being all responsible to my future self by not getting visible tattoos (I have three easy-to-cover tattoos, but nothing on my arms/back/chest/neck/etc.). Now, as an adult, I’m all about visible ink, and getting ready to take the plunge. Which is why Tattly makes me all giddy. (Although I guess I do probably owe my younger self a modicum of gratitude for not marking me for life with barbed wire around my upper arm.)


[image by Justin Hackworth]

Tattly, if you’re not familiar, peddles design-y and/or grown-up temporary tattoos, and they are awesome. I spent the better part of last week in Utah at the Altitude Design Summit where Tattly set up their own temporary tattoo parlor, resulting in my rocking the dual feathers seen above. And they look pretty darn good. Scott did a double take when he picked me up from the airport.

Tattlys are $5 for a pack of two. A quick sampling of some of my favorites —


Focus, by Lila Symons


Makers Gonna Make, by Jude Landry


Butterfly Effect, by Matt(H)Booth


Nautical Set


Call Mom, by Oliver Jeffers


Fox, by Bobby Solomon

Seriously I could go on all day. But I won’t. Last thing: Tattly’s got great designs for Kiddo’s too.┬áHope you all had a great weekend!

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