We’ll Talk About My Raging Case of Feminism Later.

Spoiler Alert: I’m going to talk about things that happened on Season 4 Episode 2 (or are they calling it 3?) of Downton Abbey. Don’t read any further if you haven’t seen it and don’t want to know what happens/be outraged.


You guys. You guys. I don’t remember kicking Julian Fellowes in the balls, but I must have, because it’s like he hates me.

Or, if he doesn’t hate me personally than he (and his creative team, I’ll let him share the blame on this) must have it in for ALL WOMEN, because the second a woman on the PBS drama is happy or doing well, he and his creative team beat the smile off her face with a narrative baseball bat. OH THE HUMANITY.

Cora’s going to get her male heir and the assurance her fortune won’t go to some stranger in the bloodline? HA! JUST KIDDING! MISCARRIAGE!

Edith dares to love someone her father disapproves of? JILTED, B*TCH!

Sybill falls in love and against all odds gets her family to accept her husband? JOKES ON YOU SIBBY! DEATH BY ECLAMPSIA!

Mary dares to believe she could grow old with Matthew? DUDE IS DEAD BEFORE HE MEETS HIS SON.

Isabel, Daisy, Ethel … the list goes on.

And now Anna … dear sweet Anna has the gall to tell her over-protective husband to step off for just a minute … RAPED WITHIN EARSHOT WHILE NO ONE IS LISTENING.

And don’t even get me started on whatever is going on with that shady minx Edna Braithwaite.

I mean … I love Downton Abbey as much as the next girl, but it’s time to face facts: the women on this show are either awful human beings (uh, hello O’Brien, or should I say goodbye …) or they’re punished, in brutal, traumatic, finite ways. There’s barely an undamaged soul in the bunch. And so I have to ask, what gives? Is it Downton Abbey’s central premise that as women and other second class citizens of early 20th century Britain move up in society, their freedom must come at a tragic cost? …continue reading…

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