Dee & MeMy lady and I got our snuggles out.


We here in Los Angeles don’t believe in “Spring”.


I can’t. I just…I can’t even.

Funny Face

“Mommy, want to see the funniest face I can make?” (She’s obsessed with all the big girl pajamas she got as hand-me-downs from her cousins.)


Love will keep us together.


We’ve got some DIYing going on up in here. Very exciting stuff.

Juice Cleanse My friend Laura took this picture in a Santa Monica alley and texted it to me. She was then kind enough to let me post it to instagram while she takes a social media fast. 

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 6.38.34 PMAnd I’ve been doing a lot of coloring. Join me if you like, at #ColorMeSane.

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