Pro Tips: Makeup Adventures At The Mall


Bright eyes for spring are everywhere, but I would be way too scared to try something like that on my own. That’s why yesterday afternoon I wandered in to Sephora and asked for a technicolor makeover — which quickly turned in to me grilling the lovely artist who worked on me, and Voila! Pro-Tips From The Makeup Counter, my newest series on Babble Beauty (wherein I visit a different counter for a makeover every week) was born. My first sitting went quite well, I came away with THREE new and valuable pieces of makeup information AND a new eyeliner. To see what I learned, including what to when you get makeup EVERYWHERE during application and how to have fun with eye color without looking like you were on the losing end of a boxing match, click HERE.

[Also, if there’s a trend or a look you’d like to see me tackle this week, let me know!]

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