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Maxipalooza — Summer Is Coming

$159.92, HERE In two weeks, I’m heading to Atlanta to speak at the Mom 2.0 Summit, so obviously I needed a new maxi dress or two. (What? Scott, I’m totally kidding. I didn’t buy two.) It was hard to choose … Continue reading

Cool or Crazy? My Metallic Gold Nails

Being obsessed with pretend gold (and real gold) for quite some time now, the fact that I am on an endless quest for ever-shinier gold nail polish should not surprise you. Well I’ve found it. 

Clothes I’m Not Buying But Want To

I’ve gained weight. Which totally sucks. I hate gaining weight. But I’ve got a useless lump of coal where my thyroid should be and I’m a workaholic with poor self-care so inevitably every few years I plump up and have … Continue reading

Fifteen Things I Learned About Style From
My Three-Year-Old Daughter

Growing up what I wore was how I shared my personality with the world. (That’s actually me at age five up there, with my friend Megan on the right.) If I felt it, I looked it (or at least, wore … Continue reading

Purgeday Thursday Is BACK For Spring,
And I’ve Been Neutralized…

“New rule. No more buying color without supervision.”– Jessica, editing my closet. She neutralized me.   The problem with never getting rid of anything is that unlike you, your stuff doesn’t actually mature or change. It just takes up space and/or … Continue reading