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Super Awesome Family DIY: Custom Bulletin Board Frame

Hi, I’m Scott. I drop in from time to time, usually in photo-bomb form, or because I have said something ridiculous, offensive or amusing and my wife is mocking me. I thought it was time I introduced myself. “Sup?” I’m glad … Continue reading

Shipping Container Homes

Lately I’ve got this bug up my butt. Scott and I have always wanted to build a house. We’ve bounced back and forth between prefab homes and stick building, weighing price per sq ft vs. carbon footprint and all kinds of … Continue reading

Both Of Our Beeswax: Hannukah Candle DIY

The easiest, messy-lest way to make your own Hannukah candles. Continue reading

Awesome DIY Customizable Party Favor Crown

A four year old’s birthday party is no joke. This is no longer an adult party where kids come and there’s cake. This is a full-blown kids party with pinatas and crafts and party favors, and everything I wasn’t prepared … Continue reading

The Life And Death of Butt Pumpkin

He didn’t start out that way…rotten and deflated on the front stoop… Butt Pumpkin began his professional life as a hefty but lopsided reject propped up against a hay stack in a Sherman Oaks pumpkin patch. Less than half the … Continue reading