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Posts where I talk about my hair. {see category: “Me Talking About My Dogs.}

Blonde Ambition

{via} Ugh, MW is like my style idol. I used to call her “duck face” when she was on Dawson’s Creek, and well…the jokes on me now on account of her undeniable awesomeness, talent, and beauty. {via} I mean really. … Continue reading

The Weight Of Hair On Great Minds

For more thoughts on great hair from great minds, see my collection, HERE.

Esteem Yourself.

A couple of months ago I started contributing regularly as a beauty writer on Babble. After a long long struggle to reclaim my style after letting it completely fall by the wayside in hopes of disappearing in to my postpartum depression, … Continue reading

I Can Fly!

{Okay not really, and no, that isn’t a picture of my hair, but it’s a cool cut, isn’t it?} via As you may have noticed, I’m obsessed with my pixie cut. I mean…who knew that a haircut could make me feel … Continue reading

“That’s Why Her Hair Is So Big, It’s Full Of Secrets”

{photo by Jill Krause} My hair has always been a weirdly important part of who I am. My eternal mood ring, it is unmatched in its ability to reflect my internal sense of self, with or without my permission. Still, … Continue reading