Bad Bride

I’ve been feeling bad about myself lately.   As I watch Jodi and Neal dive into Wedding Planning (!!!!) all the crazy memories of my own betrothal have come flooding back.   I’ve realized that as hard as [Scott and] I worked to plan our wedding, I totally dropped the ball in terms of properly documenting it.

A crazy thing happens to some of us when we get engaged.   I called it my slow descent into madness.   I started out a regular sweat-suit wearing valley girl, and I emerged an obsessive, [skinny!] psycho type-A perfectionist who was adamant about the difference between Tangerine and Burnt Sienna.   (Everything was to be TANGERINE, thank you.)   Planning a wedding  just may wake your inner Martha, and as we all know, Martha can be one tempestuous bitch.

Point being, you’d think that as nuts as I went during the planning phase, I would have promptly 1. created my Married Bio for The Knot (…don’t ask) 2.  started up a Wedding Inspiration Blog to continue to share all my favorite finds, or 3.  at very least ordered my album!   But no.   Instead, the second we said I do (which came just as I had started to shriek things at my loved one’s [as they were slaving away tirelessly during late night crafting sessions] such as “are you fucking retarded?!”) I turned my back on all things Bridal.   (Again, I’m really sorry about that, Mom.)

While it’s probably too late for me to start building that Married Bio, digging out the ‘ol Planning Binder for Jodi has inspired me to start remembering everything I loved about wedding planning – the crafts, the details, the kitchen electronics…   So to quell that critical voice in my head shaming me for not getting my wedding published in a magazine – here are some of my favorite detail shots:

(Brides love them some details.)

(I love all of Leigh’s shots so much, I couldn’t narrow them down…which is why we still haven’t ordered our album.)

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